''Saturday 13th June 2020 I was allowed to perform on the patio at Elmsfield Care home socially distancing and we had a wonderful sing-along together, the sun was shinning on us that day'' Elizabeth xx



1930s-50s Jazz, Swing, 50s Rock & Roll,

60s Pop, Broadway Musicals

and much more…


I do sing-along sessions that take the residents

on a journey through some magical eras of music.


Starting with stars of the 1930’s-50’s,

sing along to Doris Day, Nat King Cole & Ella Fitzgerald

to name just a few.

Be taken back to The Rat Pack era with songs sung by

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davies Jr

Start feet tapping with the wonderful sound of

50s Rock & Roll and 60s Pop with songs by Elvis Presley,

Buddy Holly, ABBA & The Beatles

We also sing memorable Broadway musical from the big shows,
Hello Dolly, Top Hat, Lady is a tramp, My Fair Lady


I always follow the government guidelines for Covid
and have had both vaccines with booster jab


I’m very happy to have a test before coming in the building

I also have public liability insurance

I do hope we can work together in the future


  Performances through Lockdown

''In lockdown me and my children performed the 3 song sing-along on YouTube every Tuesday performing 11 times for family, friends and who ever else wanted to watch, this was a great activity to do together that I will always cherish''.

''On Friday 8th May 2020 during lockdown I performed a special

VE day sing-along for my neighbours, it was a magical event and the sun was shinning on us, even the residents in the village heard me singing and enjoyed it from their gardens''.

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